Barrie, J.M. (1906 and 1911) ‘Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens’ first edition; and ‘Peter and Wendy’ first edition, plus signature


James Matthew Barrie (1906 & 1911) ‘Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens‘ & ‘Peter and Wendy‘, UK first editions, first printings, published by Hodder & Stoughton. Also, included Barrie’s signature cut out from a letter.

In 1904 Barrie wrote the famous stage play titled ‘Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Would not Grow Up’.  ‘Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens’ was the orgin story published in 1906 and illustrated by Arthur Rackham. The book contains 50 colour illustrations and Rackham worked for 18 moths to complete them. In 1911 Barrie published the novelised version of the stage play titled ‘Peter and Wendy’ which was illustrated in black-and-white by Francis Donkin Bedford.

Condition of the two books:

1) ‘Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens‘ is in very good condition. The boards are very clean, the embossing not rubbed out and still vibrant. The spine is also very nice, but there is a small rip to the top just above the ‘P’ of ‘Peter’. The page block edges are darkened as to be expected for a book of this age. There is some scattered foxing on the half title page, but no foxing inside the text. All colour plates are present, including their respective protective sheets.

2) ‘Peter and Wendy‘ is in very good condition. The boards are beautifull cleana nd the gilding on the boards and spine still vibrant. Foxing of varying degrees inside the book as shown. Som pages are very clean with no trace of foxing, other pages have moderate sprinkles of it, especially on the top edges. The illustration are all there. Some pages are loose.

Provenance of the signature: The signature belonged to the Michael Hecht Autograph Collection. The paper on which the signature is penned clearly stems from the early 20th century and so does the ink. Above the signature we can identify the word ‘Yours’ followed by another illegible word. Both the ‘Yours’ and the signature match other examples of the writer’s hand.

A fantastic set of one of the most loved and most significant children stories of the 20th century. Adapted mnay times as plays, films, animations etc. Landmark books.

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